The NV Is On Fire

Captain Jeff aka the Lunkerdog may not have the best hair style, or mybe he does, but there is no taking away the fact that the Lunkerdog and his boat the NV are tearing it up when it comes to sportfishing.



Probably the lowest TV moment in NFL history was when AJ Feely was clutching his injured butt cheek while was an unmemorable Dolphins QB. But like Culpepper, and Wes Welker, AJ Feely got to rub it in the Dolphin’s face. The sore-assed QB that Miami gave up on came into the game when Donavan MCNabb sprained the the GCL and GLL of his Chin Goiter.

Feely didnt do much. He threw a pick, but when the clock hit zero, Feely was the one with a smile on his face. The Dolphins won the turnover battle 3 – 0, and they even scored a special teams TD, yet they still lost. This maybe the worst team ever.

SLEPT ON PERFORMANCE – Antrell Rolle of the Cardinals picked off two interceptions and returned them both for TDs. Roscoe Parrish had a long ball TD.

In conclusion, all my teams suck. The Canes are pathetic, the Dolphins are worse than that. What was once a proud football town is now frowning in shame. Throw a rope?


Another week of football is gone, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The holidays are here and we are gonna be watching some serious bonus football. The games on Thanksgiving are our right! Don’t let evil family layer guilt when it is your fucking birth right to watch Thanksgiving Cowgirls and Detroit Eminems back to back. Fight for your right to eat and watch football. You can even scratch your balls. Anyone that disagrees wants us to lose the war on terror.

Next. The Patriots? Whats to say, everyone else will say it and probably say it better. The story of the day is Kevin Everrett. Madden Night Football opened with Kevin Everrett delivering a video greeting on the Trons. It was powerful and chilling. Dude broke his neck and he’s already shopping for groceries with a cart. Miracles happen. We all prayed for Kevin Everrett and now hes walking. Its all about this U, man!