Probably the lowest TV moment in NFL history was when AJ Feely was clutching his injured butt cheek while was an unmemorable Dolphins QB. But like Culpepper, and Wes Welker, AJ Feely got to rub it in the Dolphin’s face. The sore-assed QB that Miami gave up on came into the game when Donavan MCNabb sprained the the GCL and GLL of his Chin Goiter.

Feely didnt do much. He threw a pick, but when the clock hit zero, Feely was the one with a smile on his face. The Dolphins won the turnover battle 3 – 0, and they even scored a special teams TD, yet they still lost. This maybe the worst team ever.

SLEPT ON PERFORMANCE – Antrell Rolle of the Cardinals picked off two interceptions and returned them both for TDs. Roscoe Parrish had a long ball TD.

In conclusion, all my teams suck. The Canes are pathetic, the Dolphins are worse than that. What was once a proud football town is now frowning in shame. Throw a rope?

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