Who Cares About the Writer’s Strike…Nobody.

A friend recently told me that “the people” are behind the writers only getting 4 cents on DVD profits, and I asked Who are “the people”? Nobody cares. Sure if you push poll you can get answers but nobody outside of Hollywood cares. And when TV does get so bad that they do begin to understand, they still wont care and they will go other places to be entertained.

The Major Networks all flow in 6 – 7 minute chunks of entertainment, then a commercial break, then 7 more minutes of entertainment. If the strike goes on and on, they are gonna losing eyeballs like kids with Daisy BB Guns. Some Youtubers will make good content and “the people” will watch that instead of wing-it TV.

Then what? Long term, DVDs are dead. I want to talk about it. I bring it up at work and nobody has an opinion. These are fools that are making TV shows that dont even care. A few of the young film school grad PA’s care cause they are young and wide eyed and reading the trades and trying to be plugged in.

Join the third party. I relish wandering eyes and mouses to click on my videos. My homeboy Jeff from my fishing videos is a Star now. He cant go to a Boat Show Convention or Fishing EXPO or Bass Pro Shops down here without people recognizing him. “Hey, you are that guy, Captain Jeff. I watch your videos on Youtube all the time!”

350,000+ views on just Youtube. The videos have been jacked to websites all over the world. I can understand the arrogance of the Studios to ignore the third party of content providers. We were Time’s Man of the Year though godammit. The writers are fighting this battle with horse blinders on. In other words, right now couldnt be a worse time to fight this battle. Both sides are gonna lose big time.