NFL: Jets trade linebacker Vilma to Saints

The New York Jets have completed a trade that will send linebacker Jonathan Vilma to the New Orleans Saints. In return the Jets will receive a 4th round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft that could be upgrade to a 3rd round pick based on how Vilma performs in 2008.

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Ray Lewis Joining UFC?

Ray Lewis is reported to be thinking about joining UFC. Does he know they don’t allow knives?

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Slasher Film Wins Oscar

Congrats to the Coen’s for taking Best Picture statue for No Country For Old Men. Alot of people misunderstood the film, the level of violence, the brutality, and the point of the movie. Its simple. Its Slash.  Chugir? (Bardem) is the star of the movie, period. He’s the slasher. He’s got the unique powertool killing device. He’s unstoppable. He’s got the Haircut. Moss (Brolin) does everything stupid victims in slasher movies do, right? He sees a killing field covered in dead drug dealers and pitbulls… What does he do? Scream and run away? No, he sticks his nose in there and gets involved in it by jacking the money. Then he goes back to the scene with a gallon of tap water in a jug. He outruns a 4×4 truck, and out swims a pitbull by enough time it takes to chamber a round and pull the trigger, that was close. He hides in desolate Bates like motels and more people get killed. Woody shows up just like the know-it-all dude in all Slasher films, and he gets slashed. When Brolin gets slashed, he’s just more body count, another kid that gets slashed for breaking a commandment. Those are the rules. Brolin broke every Slasher movie rule you can break other than taking a drunken piss next to a tree. I got an Academy screener so Ive watched it like 10 times. Which always helps with Coen flix. There are Friday the 13th low angle boots-a-walking shots, Texas Chainsaw Massacre landscapes, and very obvious Jason Voorheis/Michael Myers standing backlight in doorway shots. Is it Homage? Am I projecting? Am I like David Hemmings in Blow Up? Am I seeing stuff that I wanna see? I dont know, thats for Dr Loomis to determine. I do know this – The captive-bolt head-hammer is 80’s Slash all the way. Combine that with a Killer that cant be stopped, and some trashy hotels with quirky front desk characters and this film gets filed under Slash. More proof? The dumb Wes Cravenesque deputy on horseback with 2 pages of exposition falling out of his mouth at the killing field. The false moment of relief after the car crash, when the audience goes, “He’s dead!” WRONG KONDRAKE! He’s all good, hes just got a bone sticking out of his arm. Nice Texas boy sees the car accident and gives The Slasher the shirt off his back. In contrast to the “Good Guy” getting shaken down by frat boys at the border when they price gouge his ass for a jacket and a beer, even though they thought he had been in a car accident. Ah Hah! Its all coming together now, right? Bottom line, Slash is alot deeper than most of you give it credit for. Bardem is Jason, he’s Michael he’s the Terminator. But underneath the unique weapon selection, is really what Slash represents – un-escapable Death. The Slasher is Cancer, AIDS, terrorism, and it exists just to kill innocent and not so innocent victims. The feature victim (Brolin) is not a new character type in Slash. Countless slasher films have had the likable ruggedly good looking bad boy try to stand toe to toe with the Slasher. John Wayne dies from Cancer. Indiscriminate killing. Haters are comparing No Country to SAW and I say exactly, taking the comparison as a compliment on reflecting the worst of humanity, indiscriminate killing. Its all over the news. At the beginning of the film Brolin has a deer or something in the cross hairs of his rifle. There are about 35 animals grazing. Why did he select that one? Is that one fatter or meatier? Is the optical scope fairplay? He squeezes off a shot, and grazes an animal. The animal runs away. Brolin finds the blood, and is reminded that he’s really not quite as good as he thinks he is. Foreshadowing, if you cant kill a single deer in a herd with a high powered rifle with a scope, what are you gonna do against a psychopath with a head hammer and Ben Franklin haircut. Or Cancer.