Remember your first car? Was her name Christine?  I doubt it if you are still reading this.  John Carpenter and his synthesizers  scared the piss out kids in this 1983 classic starring Keith Gordon, and John Stockwell.  It’s a pretty familiar story.  Kid buys a clunker car, kid fixes up car, car starts killing ALL THE SHITTERS!  The End.  John Stockwell went on to direct Turistas. Where is Keith Gordon now? Directing episodes of that sick fucker Dexter

Dolphins DVD features non-fumbled handoffs, occasional yards

moss_.jpg As an example of the 2007 Dolphins’ reasonably non-horrendous play, Holdsworth cites a spectacular moment where running back Samkon Gado actually achieves a positive gain of four yards (prior to the yardage being negated by a holding penalty, though that is not in the video) without turning the ball over or accidentally injuring any members ofread more | digg story

Playmaker meets with Pac-Man Jones

Uncle Mike had a sitdown on his radio show today.  Pac-Man owned to his mistakes and made a plea to play for the Cowboys. The ESPN article is weak and doesnt say too much, which is too bad because Michael Irvin always has something to say. Mike needs to stay home and work with his Canes that didn’t even play in a bowl game this season.  The Playmaker needs to let a WV Mountaineer worry about Pac-Man Jones, tipping over ambulances and dropping Ziplock bags full of urine on visiting fans.  Looks like Pac-Man Jones is gonna be a Cowboy.  Its gonna start raining in Dallas. This video goes out the Cowboys, its just Lil Weezy!