50 Movies That All Guys Should See Before They Die

Classic movies like Bullit, Easy Rider, The French Connection, amongst others, are guy movies, but here’s a modern guide for films in the past 20 years. The movies in this list are pretty much everything that chick flicks are not. It
’s not necessarily about an award-winning film…It’s about the elements that make up a guy movie.

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Favre accidentaly signs with Dolphins while completing routi

GREEN BAY, WI — While filling out paperwork that should have officially concluded his career with the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre inadvertently signed his name in the wrong place… Read more

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Cowboys hire Michael Irvin to counsel troubled players

mi47.jpg Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a new resource at his disposal to help him deal with players who violate the law.read more | digg story