the_mist.jpg  The promotions for The Mist imply that the film is from the two guys that made The Shawshank Redemption – Stephen King and Frank Darabont, true but personally I would have preferred – “From the minds that brought you Maximum Overdrive and Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.” The Mist is really nothing more than a drive-in movie. The  only genre regular I picked out of the cast was William Sadler (Disturbing Behavior).  The rest of the cast were pilot losers and friends of the director I guess. There was one cool feature on the DVD – a small featurette on Movie Poster master artist Drew Struzan.  Its worth checking out. Should have gone straight to Sci-Fi Originals. 

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  1. the movie is a thinker, for sure, but some of the conflict that goes on is kind of annoying, it’s like “There’s a monster out there” … “no there’s not”… “yes there is” … “no there’s not” … “but look here, something tore my arm off” … “no, you’re faking it”…

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