Scott Smith’s novel was pretty good, not as good as the hype machine is saying it is. We will all go see it anyway. 

MENTALFLOSS.COM – My Favorite Monsters: the Vampire

You don
’t see many vampire movies hit the big screen anymore — at least not vampires of yore; those of the fang-toothed, pale-skinned cape-wearing variety. Those hoary old cliches have lately become box-office poison, but that doesn’t mean the vampire story has left us. They’ve just shifted their shape a bit.

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CRACKED The 7 Ballsiest Sports Cheats Ever

You might think that sportsmanship is dead, what with the steroids and signal-stealing cameras in the headlines. And you’d be right.
But what you may not realize is that sportsmanship died long, long ago. In fact, these modern performance enhancers can’t hold a candle to some of the ballsiest and outright insane cheats throughout sporting history.

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