• Mayweather gets brass knuckles and beats the shit out of a circus freak – DEADSPIN
  • Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson in some Zombie trash DVD – DLISTED
  • Matt Leinert and Nick Lachey funneling beers with hotties  – THEDIRTY
  • Custom Axes for you Guitar Hero geeks – ENGADGET

Another Mist DVD Review – offsite

“Stephen King movies are always touch and go. You could end up with a good one, or you could end up with a bad one. The problem is that King’s name is golden when it comes to revenue. His name can sell enough tickets to make a B-rate, straight-to-dvd horror movie into a theatrical release with modest success. His name can mean the difference of…”

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Steven Spielberg to Remake DUEL and Possibly JAWS?!


  • Bloody-Disgusting  reporting obvious April Fool joke that Steven Spielberg is gonna remake JAWS and DUEL; however, its not such a bad idea considering the crap that Spielberg has made over the past 15 years. Yeah I know, save me the lecture on Saving Private Ryan.  Keep reading the article from Bloody if you still don’t get that its April Fools.read more | digg story