Uwe Boll Will Quit Making Movies with One Million Signatures

SLASH FILM thinks a million signatures will get Uwe Boll to stop directing crappy video game movies. I don’t believe it. Didn’t Boll already kick some critics ass in the ring a while back. Vote-on Neckbeards.

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Theyre Coming to Get You:40 Years of the Modern Zombie Movie

The first of a four-part series on the history of the modern zombie movie, covering the period from the release of Night of the Living Dead in 1968, right up to George Romero’s preparation to make the sequel Dawn of the Dead ten years later.

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Jensen Ackles set for ‘Bloody Valentine’

Jensen Ackles is in final negotiations to play a lead in Lionsgate’s “My Bloody Valentine 3-D.” In helmer Patrick Lussier’s remake of the 1981 slasher film, Ackles will play Tom, a handsome, principled man who returns to his home in Harmony, Mo., 10 years after 22 people were murdered on Valentine’s night.

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