How to Calculate the Greatest College Football Team Ever.

33-90635-p.jpg Here’s a system to rank the best college football teams against each other.read more | digg story

EDSBS – The Fulmer Cup

fulmercup.jpgCrazy ass Orson Swindle has a hilarious running feature on his EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY blog called The Fulmer Cup.  It compiles all the arrest reports from major college football teams and gives points to see who has the baddest motherfuckers in the college football pretending to be student athletes. Glancing over the leader board I don’t see my team The Miami Hurricanes up there. Knock on wood Coach Shannon, knock on something, anything.

Cowboys hire Michael Irvin to counsel troubled players

mi47.jpg Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a new resource at his disposal to help him deal with players who violate the law.read more | digg story

Dolphins DVD features non-fumbled handoffs, occasional yards

moss_.jpg As an example of the 2007 Dolphins’ reasonably non-horrendous play, Holdsworth cites a spectacular moment where running back Samkon Gado actually achieves a positive gain of four yards (prior to the yardage being negated by a holding penalty, though that is not in the video) without turning the ball over or accidentally injuring any members ofread more | digg story

In this draft, Kenny Phillips would be a Giant

kennyphillips.jpgThe folks at SportProjections.com put together a mock draft using team bloggers from all around the great Inter-Google.read more | digg story

I’m Nominated! Vote for me.

I just got an email from Joel over at Rockytoptalk.com informing me that my Gundy Downgrades the Weather  video has been nominated for Best Youtube video for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards.  I’m totally stoked about being nominated. Check out the rest of the nominations. Good luck to everybody. Thanks to Joel for the heads up.