• Mayweather gets brass knuckles and beats the shit out of a circus freak – DEADSPIN
  • Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson in some Zombie trash DVD – DLISTED
  • Matt Leinert and Nick Lachey funneling beers with hotties  – THEDIRTY
  • Custom Axes for you Guitar Hero geeks – ENGADGET

Another Mist DVD Review – offsite

“Stephen King movies are always touch and go. You could end up with a good one, or you could end up with a bad one. The problem is that King’s name is golden when it comes to revenue. His name can sell enough tickets to make a B-rate, straight-to-dvd horror movie into a theatrical release with modest success. His name can mean the difference of…”

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Steven Spielberg to Remake DUEL and Possibly JAWS?!


  • Bloody-Disgusting  reporting obvious April Fool joke that Steven Spielberg is gonna remake JAWS and DUEL; however, its not such a bad idea considering the crap that Spielberg has made over the past 15 years. Yeah I know, save me the lecture on Saving Private Ryan.  Keep reading the article from Bloody if you still don’t get that its April Fools.read more | digg story

Horror Movie Fan Social Networking

Promote and share your dark creations, bands, movies, art, websites, writing & more with the horror community. Post your own horror news, updates & event announcements making your voice heard immediately by the entire community…

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Ravens looking to extend Lewis


  • The Baltimore Ravens have no intentions of letting Pro-Bowl LB Ray Lewis hit free agency. Team owner, Steve Bisciotti said the team has begun “open dialogue” with Lewis and his agents. Not surprisingly, this is the first time the Ravens have let Lewis even reach the final year of his contract. Could this have an impact on negotiations?read more | digg story

Derek Mears Is the New Jason in ‘Friday the 13th’


  • Derek Mears appeared in “Hills Have Eyes Part 2” and “Star Trek: Enterprise.” He’s now going to don a hockey mask for “Friday the 13th”, the remake hitting screens Friday, February 13.read more | digg story

MENTALFLOSS.COM – My Favorite Monsters: the Vampire

You don
’t see many vampire movies hit the big screen anymore — at least not vampires of yore; those of the fang-toothed, pale-skinned cape-wearing variety. Those hoary old cliches have lately become box-office poison, but that doesn’t mean the vampire story has left us. They’ve just shifted their shape a bit.

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