The Real Miami Football DyNASTY!

Patriot Fans, ignore all the hate. Hating is far more destructive negative energy than cheating is. But dont take my word for it, Im Darkside. This loss is gonna hurt forever. I have several heartbreaks that are equal to if not greater than The Patriots tonight. Things like this are usually what make you turn to the Darkside. You got Wilfork and Merriweather, thats more than enough cred to juice the Pats in.


Now picture this . Instead of being 18 – 0, imagine being 34 – 0. Music and Fashion have changed since you last lost a game. You are the reigning champ defending the title. During that game, you go down like 17 – 0. Then Moss gets his leg folded the wrong way until everything snaps. Then you fight back and tie the game and force 2 overtimes, and the game is finally decided on a bad pass interference call.


Can you imagine that pain for a second? 34 – 0. Undefeated Coaching record, defending title, overtime, and you get a flag…4 full seconds after you have been declared the winner. Count 4 Mississippi. Fireworks were going off!


A pathetic lettuce farmer from Oklahoma stole The Miami Hurricanes National Title and gave it to Thee Ohio State that night in Arizona. There has never been a worse call in the history of televised championships. Never. Nothing even close.

In closing, yeah it sucks to lose a championship, but its even worse to have it stolen away.

Fiesta Bowl Update

U-RB Willis McGahee recovered from the devastating knee injury was drafted in the first round of the 2003 NFL DRAFT. While playing for the Ravens this season he ran all over the Patriots. He was stopped short on 3rd down by NT Vince Wilfork, which ultimately got the ball back for the Patriots.

Buckeye RB Maurice Clarrett is currently serving time in a prison somewhere in Ohio.

SS Sean Taylor is dead. He was murdered in his bedroom protecting his wife and child.