How to Calculate the Greatest College Football Team Ever.

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EDSBS – The Fulmer Cup

fulmercup.jpgCrazy ass Orson Swindle has a hilarious running feature on his EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY blog called The Fulmer Cup.  It compiles all the arrest reports from major college football teams and gives points to see who has the baddest motherfuckers in the college football pretending to be student athletes. Glancing over the leader board I don’t see my team The Miami Hurricanes up there. Knock on wood Coach Shannon, knock on something, anything.

Sports dont need screenplays!

oransebowl.jpgMost Sports movies suck, you have exceptions, like Rocky, Jaws, Bad News Bears, Raging Bull, Rudy and Hoosiers but those come too few and far in between. Why do I need a writer to write a movie when real sports have mega-drama that no script can match. This
weekend alone, I watched local highschool on television win a state
title, a local highschool win a national championship 41 – 0, watched
Wisconsin Upset Apollo Creed-like Mount Union for the Div3 title. Then
I watched my Dolphins win their first game of the season in overtime
with a bunch of scrubs nobody has ever heard of.
Factor in the subplots. Local rich highschool got robbed of a title at the
goaline on the last play of the state championship last year. Computer
models have proved we won last year, the ball got in the endzone. Oh
well this year the boys won it decisively.

Miami Northwestern won the mythical High School National Championship
last night in Orlando. NW is all Black. Yup even the kicker and
punter. They have 30 kids on the team that are getting Div1
scholarships to play football. 8 or 9 of them are gonna go to the U.
Thats a movie, but why remake? Oh yeah thats what Hollywood does.
Earlier this season, Miami Northwestern flew to Texas
to play legendary South Lake Carol. SLC is a rich kids school, its a
high school and they have their own 50,000 seat stadium, indoor
practice facility, all the bling. And they win alot. You know how it
goes, The Miami Northwestern kids have braids and dreadlocks and gold
teeth, the South Lake Texas kids look the oposite. The Yin Yang, the
Tiger vs the Dragon. Miami Northwestern wonned.

What else? I got Frank Gore to look out for, and Willis McGahee. Tonight the
Redskins played the Giants so its like a Canes reunion with Shockey,
Santana Moss, Sinorice Moss, Rocky Mcintosh, Clinton Portis, Jeff
Feagles…but no Sean Taylor. Its all one Giant drama. Sure there are
stories to tell, and they can be told. But storys are just storys,
they arent sports. You dont need to write Rocky. He fights every
weekend if you know where to look.

Sylvester Stallone – The U