Sean Taylor Murdered

Devin Hester is the master of returns. But even he cant return Sean Taylor. Is that a sick joke? I cant even tell. Its a defense mechanism that takes over when my pain and anger redline. I got too many questions and no answers.

The media is gonna shape the story into a storyline. Thats their job. Im not gonna pretend that I have known Sean Taylor the man. All I know is the football player. As fanatics we learn who these kids are. High school football is an industry in Dade and Broward county. Its no secret that just about all of college football wants Florida high school ballers on their rosters, NFL too. Some of these kids are bonafide stars while they are in high school.

Sean Taylor was a phenom at Guliver Prep school, an ultra-exclusive private school. It was a big deal when he signed to play for the Canes. From the moment he took his first step onto a football field as a Cane he gave fans the genuine feeling that Superman had arrived, and was here to save the day. The first thing you noticed about Sean on the field was that he was bigger and faster than anybody else out there. It was that obvious. Your eye didnt have to wander too long to find Sean Taylor.

Sean helped the Canes win back to back2back National Titles in 2001 and 2002. A half blind lettuce farmer from Oklahoma stole the 2002 National Championship and gave it to Maurice Clarret, another national superstar high school football phenom. During regulation Sean Taylor intercepted a Buckeye pass, and while returning it, Clarret grabbed for the football. FREEZE action.

Taylor and Clarret are locked up. there are four arms wrapped around the football. This is the greatest champion game in the modern cable era.

SOUND FX (heartbeat) Sound

Action resumes, and Clarret rips the ball away from Sean Taylor recovering it for the Buckeyes. Last week we all thought Maurice Clarret was the biggest loser to have played in that game. Everybody else that started the Fixedesta Bowl went to the NFL. Everybody.

The biggest loser was Sean Taylor. He’s lost his life. Clarret is still with us. And thats the ultimate lesson here. The 2002 National Championship aint really that big of a deal when you really think about. So what if that stupid lettuce farmer’s four second late flag ruined a 34 game winning streak, an undefeated coaching record, and a title defense. Things can be worse, like lying in bed with your woman and somebody breaks in your house and try to shoot your penis, but misses and hits femoral artery and you bleed out.

Got it? Make each day count. If you think everthing sucks, and you are hurting or down and out, maybe you are a Dolphins fan, whatever it is. Its not as bad as being dead. When you are as low as you can get. Toredown. Level with the ground. Do what your Great Uncle Mike Irvin the Hall of Famer said to do.

Look Up, Get Up, and Dont Ever Give Up.

Sean Taylor we miss U.