2007 College Football Blogger Award BEST YOUTUBE

BLURAY Wins. So what?

BLURAY is busy flexing chest muscles. And I guess if you bought a Bluray player you can show off what you got. But what does it really mean for us constant movie watchers  really. Bluray announces victory….  For what though? I watched The Jerk a few hundred times on Beta, and I watched Scarface a few hundred times on VHS. How was my experience any different when you factor in the technical differences? Not so much, and I get paid to be a video engineer.  Here is my REAL problem, the FCC is forcing the networks to switch from analog signals to digital. Skip’s government is gonna hand out coupons for people that cant afford digital->analog convertor boxes. Ok great, but what about us Southerners that clutch our handheld Watchman TV’s during Hurricanes to watch the news to see where the storm is hitting and where the eye is?  The FCC is gonna brick my Watchman? So now, when I have no power, no internet or cell, I wont have my little TV to clutch while me and my family are huddled in an interior room, watching the storm path? Ive called all the hotlines with this question, and have asked, if there will be emergency-only analog backup thing in case a Hurricane hits land. You can imagine the answers I get, everything from “huh?” to “thats an interesting question, I really dont know” Then I ask, “Will the digital convertors run on batteries? Same answers. We all have AA battery powered TV’s down here.  We’ve got cigarette lighter adapters. Do I now have to buy a digital Watchman? Is there even such a thing? What the fuck? When you lose power for a week or two, and the only thing you have connecting you to the rest of the world is a little radio and a little TV to find out information, and the TV is the only thing that can offer a picture of the storm and its proximity to where you are trying to survive, those little tech widgets are worth the hundred bucks you spend on a device that at first look you admit can’t offer that much of a pleasurable viewing experience. Well it does. And from what I can tell, the FCC is gonna brick my Watchman. Bring this up to the candidates?

I’m Nominated! Vote for me.

I just got an email from Joel over at Rockytoptalk.com informing me that my Gundy Downgrades the Weather  video has been nominated for Best Youtube video for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards.  I’m totally stoked about being nominated. Check out the rest of the nominations. Good luck to everybody. Thanks to Joel for the heads up.