Guess who back!

USC controls the secular sports media. Their grads go to the NFL and into Studios and Networks, Agencies, Prodcos. How many Students does USC have 75,000? They crank out movie stars, sports stars, and televsion and movie people. Combine all that together we get OJ S*mpson. USC’s most famous alum, movie star, television star, Heisman winner, and Hall of Famer. Writers get ready. A small private school of only 9,000 students just inked the #1 football recruiting class in the entire country according to ESPN. Theyv’e got a Black Head Coach (rare) named Randy Shannon (google him) who just got 12 of the best 150 football players in the nation to go to a school that doesn’t even have a stadium to play in. They are renting the local NFL stadium to play home games.  The training facilities are downgraded by the media. A small private university in the middle of an international metropolis. The University of Miami. The U. Its about to happen again. This small private school with limited resources, a small but loyal fanbase, and some local athletes are gonna take on big government, and big checkbooks. They are gonna make money for  DisneyABCESPN, and its gonna get nastier than Washington. Youve seen it, now watch it again. Lotta football highlights on TV as of recent. Nothing close to this. 

What Happened to College Football in 2007?

Lets go back to the begining of the year, USC was hemoraging talent because it had too much. You blink, and some team called South Florida is screaming they are gonna win the National Title. The Miami Hurricanes suck, Notre Dame really sucks, Michigan loses to a div1aa school. Some team from Oregone starts yelling ring sizes. Ohio State gets Zooked. LSU gets Nuttered. Florida v Florida state is impotent.

What happened? Who ruined college football? Comments welcome.