Writers Strike? Im going to work on Monday

There is lots of stuff to watch.
Making Menudo – (MTV – check listings)
Keyshia Cole – The Way it is (Tues nights, BET)
Miami Ink (Tattoosday on TLC)
Project Runway (Bravo)

Coming Soon
Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood (E!)

If you like Thurdy, and the Office, and House, then you will love
Miami Ink

5 artists joke around and play grabass until simebody gets downgraded
in the tattoo shop, and then they explain what just happened in a
confesional type formal interview set up. Just like the Office. And
just like Thurdy, the show is about artists that work on stage, but
its really about alot more than that, like House. Most of the people
that get tattooed at Miami Ink are hurting somehow. They want a
particular tattoo for strength or protection, or to remember someone
or something.

Forget replacement shows, or keeping up with a season that is just
gonna up and quit on its viewers, because they might have dropped a
pass in a pickup game or because they’re fat! Come on over to Basic
Cable and make some new friends.

Or like Issac Hayes said back when he was cool, before he turned into
a neckbeard.

If you see me watchin You Tube
And Im, getting high.
Then watch on by
Yes watch on by

My point is you can just quit watching those show totally, and watch
shows made by people that do it because they love doing it. Its like
the difference between Pro Football and College Football. All we do is
show up, and make episodes for TV that millions of fat people with bad
credit that are thinking about going to trade school or just an easier
way to mop a floor, LOVE! So I dont know what to think. I like the WGA
writers that are in this forum, so I support the writers. At the same
time, Im going back to work on Monday.

I’m willing to listen to whatever a Guild red has to say to my face
and consider it. But I’ll warn ya upfront. I was totured as a child.
Forced to run in sand to build calf muscles. Made to run into heavy
objects. Over and over and over again. I was tuned by a guy named
Coach Lang. He saw my raw speed and took advantage of it and me. Coach
Lang was over 9 feet tall, and blacker and meaner looking than Darth
Vader. He brainwashed me to run through the people that were running
at me, trying to hurt me, trying to break my legs and my fingers.
They. They grew their fingernails long so they could scratch my arms
until they bled. They ate slices of bread all day so they would be

Meanwhile coach Lang kept yelling in my ear! “Your a cheetah, you
dream of racing cheetahs. You eat, shit, and fuck just like a cheetah.
They cant catch you O, they cant stop you O. Nobody can stop O from
getting this football into that endzone. NOBODY! Now get out there and
run that motherfucking dog on em, run that whatermacallit on em. Get
low boy, get low!

So, like a good dog. I went out there and scored the game winning

In closing, you better have the USC defense standing between me and
the goaline, cause when I think about a line of writers protecting the
endzone, I think of Coach Lang pain. And you nerds dont have a prayer
in hell of even landing a hand on my ass. I fuck with game.