• Mayweather gets brass knuckles and beats the shit out of a circus freak – DEADSPIN
  • Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson in some Zombie trash DVD – DLISTED
  • Matt Leinert and Nick Lachey funneling beers with hotties  – THEDIRTY
  • Custom Axes for you Guitar Hero geeks – ENGADGET


Let me start off by saying that I take zombies seriously and this film doesn’t take cellular reanimation seriously.  What do Zombies do? They come back to life and they eat people or brains to remain reanimated. So when a zombie film fails to answer basic questions like what and why, we are left with pseudo zombies like the ones in 28 Days Later, Resident Evil that are just undead for the sake of melodrama.  Everyone told me I had to see Fido. As a non zombie film its a cute movie, very clever, but lets be honest, its more closely related to George and Lenny from Mice and Men, then it is to George Romero, and its just not for me.  Without going into all the metaphors and symbolism that make real zombies horrifying, lets just say Fido deserves to be in the doghouse.