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Ravens looking to extend Lewis


  • The Baltimore Ravens have no intentions of letting Pro-Bowl LB Ray Lewis hit free agency. Team owner, Steve Bisciotti said the team has begun “open dialogue” with Lewis and his agents. Not surprisingly, this is the first time the Ravens have let Lewis even reach the final year of his contract. Could this have an impact on negotiations?read more | digg story

20 Scariest Movies of All Time

ring.jpg EW.com  attempts to make a list of The 20 scariest movies. Too bad they make you visit 20 lame webpages to find out the list. Here is mine –

  •  #1. JAWS – Lets play a little game called swimming in the ocean at night. Wait, let me cue up the John Williams soundtrack on the boom box first.
  • #2.  THE RING – A videotape and a well. Oh shit, where did that puddle of water come from…
  • #3. THE EXORCIST – Were you Baptized?  What for? Oh thats right, your parents had you pre-exorcized just in case you were a demon from hell.
  • #4.  THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT – Hitchhiking, smoking weed, cutting off dicks, this film has got everything. If you find yourself too disturbed to maintain your sanity, then just repeat these four words – ITS ONLY A MOVIE until the medication works and you start to fall asleep, which leads to –
  • #5 A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – If you die in your sleep, you don’t wake up. One two, Freddy’s coming for you….

Shark Jumps in Boat


 A five foot thresher shark jumped into some dudes boat in New Zealand. He freaked out and yelled “Oh Shit” His kids started laughing. I will be watching for Fox News to claim “DEADLY SHARK ATTACKS FAMILY BOAT” Head on over to the greatest Shark attack blog SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK to read all about it.

EDSBS – The Fulmer Cup

fulmercup.jpgCrazy ass Orson Swindle has a hilarious running feature on his EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY blog called The Fulmer Cup.  It compiles all the arrest reports from major college football teams and gives points to see who has the baddest motherfuckers in the college football pretending to be student athletes. Glancing over the leader board I don’t see my team The Miami Hurricanes up there. Knock on wood Coach Shannon, knock on something, anything.

Derek Mears Is the New Jason in ‘Friday the 13th’


  • Derek Mears appeared in “Hills Have Eyes Part 2” and “Star Trek: Enterprise.” He’s now going to don a hockey mask for “Friday the 13th”, the remake hitting screens Friday, February 13.read more | digg story


Scott Smith’s novel was pretty good, not as good as the hype machine is saying it is. We will all go see it anyway. 

MENTALFLOSS.COM – My Favorite Monsters: the Vampire

You don
’t see many vampire movies hit the big screen anymore — at least not vampires of yore; those of the fang-toothed, pale-skinned cape-wearing variety. Those hoary old cliches have lately become box-office poison, but that doesn’t mean the vampire story has left us. They’ve just shifted their shape a bit.

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CRACKED The 7 Ballsiest Sports Cheats Ever

You might think that sportsmanship is dead, what with the steroids and signal-stealing cameras in the headlines. And you’d be right.
But what you may not realize is that sportsmanship died long, long ago. In fact, these modern performance enhancers can’t hold a candle to some of the ballsiest and outright insane cheats throughout sporting history.

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19 Upcoming Horror Movies We’re Dying to See

Here’s a cool list of upcoming horror movies that any fan would not want to miss. My only critique is that Hellboy II ain’t horror, even though Guillermo does dabble in the genre. Great list nonetheless.read more | digg story